Evolie is expressly designed to unlock human potential in the next evolution of e-learning

Evolie offers powerful and proven conditioning systems designed for lasting change by integrating content at the habit and action level. Evolie systems are automated, actionable, accountable and experiential for lasting behavioral results. Evolie guides individuals and companies worldwide through the integration cycle to create transformative and lasting growth in their life or business.

  • Evolie is the first...
    E-learning solution to successfully combine online learning with the science of conditioning while creating lasting results and raving participants.
  • Evolie addresses...
    The emotional aspects of learning; effectively engaging participants through the inevitable resistance that comes with breaking and building new habits.
  • For over 20 years...
    Our team has developed more than 30 custom conditioning and e-learning systems, taking over 500,000 individuals through a variety of programs.



Most companies have the best intentions when delivering training to their team or customers. They want people to feel like they received real value. They'd like to make it better than the last program or meeting and be at least a little enjoyable.

They hope it will lead to some increase in performance. But they just aren't really sure how to do it. They are certainly experts in their business, but they are not experts in how to create a powerful training that translates into action.

Even when you have internal trainers, they're usually focused on how to train company processes and techniques. This is obviously important, but sharing information is only one of many key components to successful training.

Even with the best intent, most training becomes the traditional power point parade of company leaders talking through slides in a half-lit room, or another manual emailed out.

We're not experts in your business, and you wouldn't expect us to be. You aren't experts in designing and delivering truly successful training programs that create real change, and why would you be. That's where we can help.

We are all creatures of habit. Evolie supports actionable learning and lasting behavioral changes. We understand how to unlock human potential.

Studies show that on average it takes between 21-60 days to build a habit. Why? Because our mind is built and programmed to operate on patterns, both physical and emotional. Evolie offers powerful conditioning systems that create integrated and lasting changes.


System automatically schedules, starts, emails and runs without having to manually do anything. Evolie systems are scalable to any Internet computing device with 24-hour access, 365 days a year.


On-Time Point System, Completion Point System, Daily and Weekly reminder emails and text messages. Customized leverage to maximize participation and success in each system.


Tasks that support engaging focus and imagination that empowers participants to take the path of proactive action versus reactive growth.


Tasks that support engaging focus and imagination that empowers participants to take the path of proactive action versus reactive growth.



Select Your Outcome

Utilize within your organization for:

  • Employee retention
  • Employee engagement
  • Business development
  • Cultural integration
  • Skill and competency enhancement
  • Value added offerings
  • On boarding
  • Certification
  • Event Integration

Offer to customers, clients or members for:

  • Customer retention
  • Customer engagement
  • Product engagement
  • Business development
  • Skill and competency enhancement
  • Value added offerings
  • On boarding
  • Certification
  • Event Integration


Select Your System

Daily Conditioning System

  • 30 Day: Specific strategy and execution habits.
  • 45 Day: Create new habits, beliefs and identity in 4 areas.
  • 60 Day: Create new habits, beliefs and identity in up to 8 areas.
  • 90 Day: Create new habits, beliefs and identity in up to 8 areas with extended reinforcement.
  • 365 Day: Environmental activation solution to support unified focus.

Weekly Conditioning System

  • 6 Week Module: Learning system paired with accountability for understanding and application in six module lessons.
  • 6 Month Module: Mastery of material in six monthly themes for sustainable and continuous growth.


Select Your Relationship

Let's Roll

Take advantage of world-class proven conditioning systems. Select from over 15 subjects and programs.

Let's Customize

Customize a conditioning system with your content and Evolie e-Learning solution.

Let's Create

Evolie designs and creates a program to fit your desired outcomes. Fully customized solution.


Regardless of which outcome, system or relationship fits your needs, the core of all Evolie programs is focused on Content Development, Visual Production, and the Technology Environment.

Phase #1: Recon

  • Interview key leaders and other key participants to understand common dialect and emotional patterns of future participants.
  • Meet with and follow brand standards.
  • In-depth understanding of the outcomes and end users for the program.
  • Storyboard emotional flow of the program.
  • Select specific categories for the program.

Phase #2: Development

  • Develop pre-frame introductions/emails.
  • Develop content and activities.
  • Develop reference items.

Phase #3: Editing and Finalize

  • Edit pre-frame introductions/emails.
  • Edit content and activities.
  • Edit reference items.
  • Select members for a beta run through the program.
  • Run a beta program with feedback sessions.

Learners are...

Accustomed to a visually stimulating approach; Evolie's video production process provides transformative and interactive ways to deliver content.

Evolie's production is...

High quality production value utilizing certified trainers, subject experts and key leaders to create high-level, influential videos for immediate and sustainable impact.

  • Concept planning video outline
  • Creative video storyboarding/li>
  • Video scripting
  • Filming production including camera set up, audio set up, and talent preparation
  • Evolie trainers provide high quality influence talent
  • Video shoot
  • Pre Production (Color Correction)
  • Post Production (Audio Editing)
  • Video Editing

Evolie distribution and hosting options are...

  • Live Streaming
  • Online video hosting with capability upgraded monitored continuously
  • Multiple tiers for fastest speed by location

Participants love...

The flexibility of watching from anywhere in the world, on any device; enjoying each video, looking forward to the next and re-watching videos over and over for continued learning.

Our Technology System

  • A Cloud powered Learning Management System, allowing for anytime, anywhere access. No need to install, upgrade or backup anything.
  • Hosted on servers managed by the world-class hosting company, Rackspace.
  • Built for the modern web. Designed and optimized to work with iPad, iPhone, Android (and similar) mobile devices as well as the myriad browsers available on tablets, full size laptops or computers.
  • Secure login and security certificates to protect participant data
  • Extensible user profiles and the ability to mass enroll participants by importing from lists.
  • Built for participant privacy. Entries cannot be viewed by anyone unless explicitly noted that answers are viewable.
  • System architecture was designed and built from scratch by our internal development team. This is not a third party system being resold or supported by a separate outside company.
  • Scalable architecture. There are no limits on the number of programs or participants that can be supported.
  • Reliable, supporting 45,000 program participants to date.
  • May be customized to your brand, including being run under a separate dedicated domain name. At a minimum, each program has a custom landing page.
  • Although it's an extremely powerful system, it remains flexible enough to support businesses of all scales.
  • Can support one time per-course payments, including split-payments, as well as subscriptions that allow access to all content by paying a monthly fee. An alternate solution for a "token" purchase system is available (through the custom API) to clients that manage program payments themselves.
  • To help with marketing and attracting participants, promotional coupons can be fully customized. Options are available to set fixed amount prices or provide either percentage or dollar amount discounts. Restrictions can be placed on active dates, number of times used, and making them valid only for specific programs or specific groups of participants.
  • To also help with marketing, an internal invitation system is designed to let current participants invite others. All invitations are tracked which means that information can be used as an incentive tool.
  • An internal support ticket system ensures all participant requests are logged, tracked, and can be collaborated on by all support team members.

Program Framework

  • Day based or module based programs may be created. Module programs can be timed to unlock sequentially as they're completed, on a recurring schedule such as once a week, or on specific dates.
  • >Daily (for day based) or periodic (for module based) emails to keep the participants engaged.
  • Email and text message reminders to provide automated accountability.
  • Individual program progress indicators, motivate users to participate more actively.
  • Simple to understand user activity and completion analytics accompanied by graphic charts.
  • Accurate real-time feedback on participant progress allows program leaders to monitor attendance and follow the progress of their participants from a closer perspective.
  • Easy access to both current and previous courses.
  • Support dashboard for program leaders and team leaders providing easy access to reporting, messaging and organizing.
  • Participants have the opportunity to rate the training and features provided which means you get measurable feedback.
  • Individual private interface (entries, scoreboard, progress charts, trend charts, personal journals).
  • Team interface (scoreboard, chat, content sharing, content commenting) providing an environment and additional accountability.

Custom API

  • Designed for clients with specific needs to access information within our system.
  • Useful for integrating with a client's existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Examples:
    • User profiles are managed on a client site. API calls allow synching that profile with our site and providing the credentials necessary to allow a seamless login.
    • Emails are managed on a client site. API calls allow us to send the content based daily or module emails as well as reminder notifications and text message notifications.
    • CRM or ERP integration. API calls allow system to send scheduled reports on user activity, progress, or any other metric measured within the system.

Licensing Benefits

  • Purchasing and maintaining a software license means you'll instantly receive any bug fixes as well as system enhancements as they're periodically released.


All training is delivered through an online, virtual, scalable, customizable framework.

We utilize a guided structure in which the participants, in simply following it, receive and process the needed information, translate it into strategy and action, and engage in a behavioral change and integration process.

The process typically includes written content, video, skills training, engagement actions, and retention testing. We also track participation and provide you valuable metrics for participants' level of engagement and completion.

Online Training Framework



We support and empower top brands all over the world create systems for lasting change.

Human behavior, consistent performance, and sustainable results grown over time are not finite events; they require a process of systematic and targeted training and integration, delivered powerfully, in a cohesive and unified manner across platforms.

This is the first training I've had where real work was used and not just pretend circumstances to fit the course. Evolie's ability to get team buy-in on performance issues has helped us set new records.


National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)

The National Association of Sales Professionals is the largest online community of sales professionals.

Increased retention, Increased membership, Recruited industry experts, Skill and competency enhancement

Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

Certification system and valued added system
45-Day conditioning system

The Power of Contact Marketing

Skill and competency enhancement system
30-Day conditioning system

Voice of Influence

Business development and skill and competency enhancement system
45-Day conditioning system


Isagenix is one of the fastest-growing companies in North America. They are a health and wellness solutions company.

Recruiting tool, Engagement tool, Reinforcement tool. Resulted in a 22% increase in retention over 6-months and a $138 average monthly purchase increase.

Healthy Mind and Body

Customer retention/engagement system, product engagement system, value added system and culture integration system
60-day conditioning system

Healthy Mind and Body Coaching

Product engagement system, skill and competency enhancement system and certification system
6-week module system

Omni Bioceutical Innovations

OMNI Bioceutical Innovations is committed to delivering innovative skin treatment and care solutions.

Recruiting tool, On-boarding and training, Employee engagement

Omni Bioceutical Innovations Training

On-boarding and training system, employee engagement system
6-Module learning system

Childhood Domestic Violence Association

The Childhood Domestic Violence Association is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to helping those who experienced childhood domestic violence.

Recruiting tool, On-boarding and training, Member engagement

Save a Life Training

Competency enhancement and value added system
30-Day Conditioning System

You must target the underlying core principles of performance to create any real lasting change that leads to consistent performance. Behavioral change is the real solution.

To learn more about our conditioning systems for behavioral change, or if you're ready to co-create or customize your own program, please provide your information below

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